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There is a reason we’ve all chosen to work in the life sciences industry – we wake up each morning knowing that the work that we do saves lives.With this mission in mind, it has become increasingly clear that we as a community need to establish a strong voice in addressing our nation’s uniquely American epidemic of gun violence, and to do what we do as a life sciences community - pursue evidence-based solutions that will save lives.Toward that end, we are announcing the formation of Life Sciences to End Gun Violence Epidemic and inviting you as a member of the life sciences community to join in this effort.

An open letter

We need you to get involved. Read our open letter to the life sciences industry below. Then let us know if you would like to become a co-signer or if you’d rather just sign up to learn more.

Get involved

Please let us know who you are and how you would like to get involved:
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What is the purpose of Life Sciences to End Gun Violence Epidemic?
To end the gun violence epidemic, we are a coalition of concerned life science individuals who seek to serve as a voice for people throughout all sectors of the life sciences industry in the national debate over gun-related policy and efforts to reduce gun violence. We aspire to build and join alliances with organizations working toward common goals. We advocate toward policymakers for action on meaningful, evidence-based policies that will prevent and reduce the plague of gun violence.
Who can join?
We welcome colleagues from the life sciences industry. The life sciences industry consists of companies and institutions operating and researching in the fields of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, digital health, medical diagnostics, healthcare, public health, and companies and institutions dedicated to preventing, treating, and curing diseases. If you too want to help end this epidemic, please join.
Why now?
The life sciences industry has been successful in fighting many epidemics and bringing hope. Unfortunately, gun violence continues to impact many lives, and we as a life sciences community endeavor to fight this epidemic. The latest survey of 1,095 adults conducted May 12-15, 2023 by Axios-Ipsos poll found gun violence has surged as the public #1 health concern.
Who is leading this effort?
We have CEOs and other leaders from across the life sciences industry who have come together to start this coalition.
What are the expectations?
Individuals are welcome to sign-up at the following link: Individuals can also like, comment, and repost on LinkedIn and Facebook. We also expect to have additional ways to support us in the future.
If an individual owns a gun or supports the second amendment, does this conflict with membership?
No, we respect the second amendment. We want to work toward evidence-based solutions that address the epidemic of gun violence including mental health needs.
Is there a membership fee?
There is no membership fee to join. Your vocal support is highly valued and important for this coalition.
Is this connected to any other advocacy groups?
This is a new independent organization. One of the main goals is to form alliances with additional social justice organizations. Our combined voices will strengthen our common goal to end gun violence.
Do I need to seek approval from my employer to join?
We certainly welcome the opportunity for you and your employer to support these efforts. Participating in this initiative is a personal choice. It is not a partisan political activity.
Could an individual join anonymously?
Yes, your privacy will be respected.


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